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Kaiser-Martin doesn’t build average barns. We build custom smart barns, largely for the equine industry.

From in-floor heating to aqua-cisers (interior swimming pools for horses) and indoor riding arenas, our luxurious custom equine barns meet disciplines of all kinds.

If you are looking for a custom horse barn with a building team that knows the industry, Kaiser-Martin is your custom barn-builder of choice.

Whatever your aesthetic, The Kaiser-Martin Group has the experience to make it happen.

Custom Barns for Horses, Trainers, and Discerning Equine Customers

Imagine your own luxurious horse stable with a modern design: glass windows, a raised metal roof, and metallic accents. The interior is primed with high-tech equipment, large horse stalls, and a lounge area. This new space evokes a sense of serenity and will become your ideal place to raise, train, and improve your horses.

Maybe instead you want a horse barn with a charming rustic design: a red brick exterior, wooden shutters, comfortable horse stalls, and a lounge area with a fireplace.

Whatever your aesthetic, Kaiser-Martin has the experience to make it happen.

We design and build high-end facilities to provide the highest quality of care and comfort for horses or polo ponies with the exacting tools and training fixtures you need to raise and board beautiful animals. Our custom barns are well-equipped with amenities such as large stalls, spacious turnouts, heated wash areas, floor mattresses, and other luxuries that make horse owners, horses, and trainers more comfortable and more efficient. Our high-end horse barns are staffed with experienced equine personnel and feature services such as boarding, training, and veterinary care.

Our barns are almost always equipped with state-of-the-art tools and training fixtures to help raise and board exceptional animals, like:

Riding arenas and round pens

A flat or graded area designed for horseback riding and training.

Jumping equipment

Includes hurdles, ground poles, and other equipment used to train horses for show jumping.

Dressage arena

A specialized riding area used for dressage training and competitions.

Trail obstacles

Obstacles like logs, bridges, and water crossings that horses can navigate to improve their trail riding skills.

Horse walker

A mechanical device that allows horses to be walked in a circle without a rider.

Lunge line

Used to exercise and train horses by lunging them in a circle around the trainer.


A series of raised poles used to train horses to adjust their stride length and develop balance.

Horse toys

Toys designed for horses to play with, such as balls or hanging objects, can also be used to help train horses and keep them mentally stimulated.


Soft and supportive bedding material used in horse stalls to improve their comfort and prevent injury.

Heated floors

Floors that are equipped with heating systems to keep horses warm and comfortable during colder months.

Built-in cleaning and maintenance features

Features like automatic manure removal systems, built-in water and feed systems, and ventilation systems that help keep the barn clean and well-maintained.

Equine Barns for Improved Training Capabilities

Working hand-in-hand with owners and financiers, our facilities are designed to help horses reach their full potential. The horse barns built by Kaiser-Martin offer state-of-the-art training equipment and facilities that allow trainers to provide top-echelon training.

Increased Safety and Security for Horses

Our custom barns are designed with safety and security in mind. These facilities feature sturdy construction and advanced security systems that help protect horses, trainers, and staff from known and unexpected hazards.

Barns for Enhanced Horse Comfort and Well-being

The custom-built barns offered by Kaiser-Martin provide horses with a comfortable, healthy, and luxurious living environment. Our facilities feature amenities such as spacious turnouts, optimized training arenas for runners or jumpers, and other luxuries that keep horses relaxed, attentive, and in peak performance condition.

Fully Customizable Horse Barns

The Kaiser-Martin Group’s custom approach to barn-building offers a range of flexible design options. These options allow owners to build a facility that meets their needs and preferences. Our extensive design-build experience lends itself to building exactly what you need to in order to operate with maximum efficiency.

Barns for Longevity

Due to our durable construction and superior craftsmanship, the typical Kaiser-Martin barn will last for generations. Many of these facilities are built with only the highest quality materials, such as steel and concrete, and feature elegant building features like slate roofs, cedar siding, and elaborate plaster work.

We bring our experience in commercial and large-scale construction to every project, meaning these barns are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily equine and entertaining use. 

You can expect our custom-built barns to last for many years, making them a smart investment from day one. With proper care and maintenance, these barns can serve as an asset to owners and their families for generations to come.

Industry Leading Experience and Barn Features for Equine Disciplines of All Kinds


Kaiser-Martin’s custom barns with large stalls and spacious arenas supplies the ideal environment for dressage training. For jumping training, Kaiser-Martin builds airy indoor arenas featuring top-of-the-line jumping equipment.


Polo is a high-energy sport that requires top physical shape from both horse and rider. A custom barn from Kaiser-Martin offers access to state-of-the-art training facilities and ample space for horses to exercise and practice atypical moves, dramatically enhancing the fun and effectual nature of polo training.


A custom barn can offer premium horse boarding services for owners who want the best possible care for their horses and clients. This can include spacious stalls, daily turnout, feeding and watering, and access to professional care and training services housed in the same facility. With the right amenities, the opportunities to turn your horse barn into a financially profitable operation are virtually endless.

Invest in Comfort and Safety with a Well-Appointed Custom Barn

Every horse, trainer, and training plan is unique, and your horses’ living environment should reflect that. 

That’s why we believe in a custom approach to building elegant, functional horse barns. Our team will work with you to design and build a barn that fits the needs of your horses and training teams. From the size and layout of the stalls to ventilation and lighting, the many amenities our team offers you will make your facilities unrivaled.

Your investment in a custom horse barn is an investment in your horse’s well-being, your team’s capabilities, and your peace of mind.

With Kaiser-Martin’s experienced guidance and construction, you can rest assured that your team and animals will be living and working in an environment tailored to their needs.

Our barns are designed to do more than just house and train horses. They are a durable and timeless addition to your property that will create an environment for success while serving as entertaining spaces for your investors, boarders, or business partners.

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