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Welcome to the Kaiser-Martin Group

When 3 generations of custom builders joins forces with an industry leader in steel commercial construction and cold storage building... the possibilities are endless. We are pleased to announce the merger between two of the industries most trusted construction companies: Kaiser Construction and Martin Construction. This merger brings together the best of both companies in order to better facilitate the needs of the industry and our clients. Now for any construction need, commercial or residential, secular or ecclesiastical, the Kaiser-Martin Group looks forward to building your ideas with integrity. 

Kaiser Martin Group Construction Services

From concept to completion, we bring your ideas to life. For any type of industry and for any size office buildout, commercial renovation or ground-up design & build, KMG can help you create spaces that are functional and beautiful. Call us today for an estimate or to discuss and gain valuable industry insights on your project with our design & build team. 

As the premier builder of structural steel, pre-engineered steel and all forms of welding and fabrication, we can help you design and build steel frame construction buildings of all sorts. We have built steel buildings in all sectors of retail construction, industrial construction, offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants and much more. 

We specialize in cold storage construction and refrigerated warehouse construction. This type of construction is unique, specialized and requires a great deal of experience to be performed successfully and efficiently. For any size cold storage building and warehouse construction need, we are happy to partner with you to build your ideas with expertise and integrity. 

We take great care and pride in our ecclesiastical construction. As one of the Northeast's premier church builders, we love to partner with you as you plan for the future. Our church construction solutions can help you plan, finance and build spaces that will meet the needs of your congregation as they grow. 

We are a custom barn builder for all types of commercial, equestrian and private use. Equestrian facilities such as arenas and stables as well as barn building is a time honored tradition and area of unique expertise that we've carefully honed over three generations of builders. Over the years, the name Kaiser has become synonymous with well built, beautiful, highly functional custom barns and equestrian structures. Discover the difference.

When the time comes to build the custom home of your dreams, there is a difference between hiring a contractor and a craftsman. A true master craftsman not only delivers a home that is of a superior quality, but one that dazzles with features and adornments that transcend the mundane and truly build the home of your dreams. We pride ourselves on creating homes of superior quality AND value. 


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