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Design, Build, Expand

For nearly 40 years, Kaiser-Martin has helped businesses to design, build, and expand commercial facilities.

We are the commercial construction company of choice for discerning business owners, church leaders, and food processing companies throughout the Northeast. 

We supply commercial building services for:

  • Warehousing with offices
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Pharmaceutical facilities
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Electrical substations
  • Insulated metal panels
  • Food processing construction

If quality is your number one concern, Kaiser-Martin Group is the commercial building contractor for you.

Choose the Kaiser-Martin Group for Comprehensive Commercial Design & Build

The choice to work with Kaiser-Martin is easy. Whether you are expanding your current commercial space, building a new facility from the ground up, or renovating an existing space, Kaiser-Martin will make it happen.

As a dedicated design-build firm, Kaiser-Martin brings trust and peace of mind for a single point of contact for your project. To ensure that your commercial construction project exceeds expectations, we come beside you for every step of the way. 


With the Kaiser-Martin Group,

  • Comprehensive design-build services make working with Kaiser easy and the build streamlined.

We are

  • Set apart by our attention to detail and commitment to service.

And we have

  • Multiple repeat clients due to our standard of excellence and willingness to go the extra mile

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial Construction? It’s Complicated

From site selection and environmental hazards to permitting and inspections, it takes experienced professionals to efficiently navigate the construction process.

With a single design-build partner, the commercial construction building process becomes easy, fast, and budget-friendly. 

Government regulations, zoning, and local codes (along with environmental and safety concerns) must be considered when planning a successful commercial construction project.

Our design-build approach resolves the pitfalls of many commercial construction companies. How? We combined the design and construction phases of a project under a single contract, bringing broad categories of expertise under a single umbrella.

Our team has decades of experience in and around municipal and commercial projects, including former municipal supervisors, so we know the issues that arise in commercial buildings, and we know how to resolve them.

For discerning clients wanting an incredible product and a timely build, Kaiser-Martin is the clear choice. Responsible for permitting, design, and construction, the design-build team at Kaiser-Martin provides accurate estimates and superior finished projects.

With our team, we will ensure that your project meets all necessary regulations and local codes from the start.

In commercial construction, environmental and safety considerations are paramount. Our design-build contractors coordinate with local governments to ensure that all required permits and inspections are completed and help to create solutions for potential environmental hazards.

We build to a successful finish. And by combining the design and construction phases, our team alone can provide accurate estimates and guarantee the quality of the finished project.

Relational, Trusted, Experienced

The Kaiser-Martin Experience

We often say at Kaiser-Martin, “Paper is cheap, bricks and mortar are expensive.”

What does that mean? Doing the design and planning work up front will help you to avoid problems, identify budget constraints, and prepare for a successful project—from the start.

That is why we are firm believers in what our comprehensive design-build approach brings to the table.


Working with Kaiser-Martin begins with a conversation.

“What are you building and why?” “Who are your customers or patrons?” “How can we best serve you?

We want to learn about your organization and its goals. And we want you to know who you are working with.

We believe in the value of a handshake and a conversation. So the earlier we can get involved, the better.

Budgeting and Early Planning

Whether you are in the building or dreaming stage, Kaiser-Martin is here to make your build a reality.

While in the early stages, your project receives a dedicated Construction Manager (CM). Then, with your concepts, the budgeting and planning process begins. While some customers bring sketches and budgeting already in place, some customers simply bring us an idea.

We take your early designs and create a preliminary draft to help you understand how much your project could cost. From this, we give you real numbers and forecasts about the cost of your project, and we can bid the build portion of your project as well.


Your Construction Manager has been with you from day one, and as we prepare to break ground, a Site Supervisor will get involved.

Throughout construction, we hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings to keep you aware of our progress. You will also receive real-time project updates through a detailed and convenient project management software (accessible by your computer or phone).

Communication is key, and we want you involved and on-site as much as possible! Our most satisfied customers are those who are involved and advising the build process from day one.


The completion timeline is highly dependent on the scope of work and size of your project. As the project winds down, we do multiple walkthroughs, including an extensive quality control punch list.

We offer you a one-year warranty on your entire commercial project, including a detailed project binder outlining all manufacturer warranties (from HVAC to windows). But our relationship won’t stop there. If something happens years down the road, we want to hear from you.

So, what makes a job well done?

Our goal is zero defects and your complete satisfaction. And your satisfaction most often comes from quality work and a step-by-step collaborative process.

We’re the Commercial Construction Company You Trust

At Kaiser-Martin, we believe successful projects aren’t happenstance.

We take a dedicated, measured approach with our clients, and if you value lasting relationships and industry-leading craftsmanship, Kaiser-Martin is perfect for you.

Why do our customers come back repeatedly?

“The team, quality, and integrity,” is what we most often hear.

Call today to learn more about our process, commercial construction capabilities, and our ability to bring your vision to life.

Frequently Asked Commercial Construction Questions

Because commercial construction projects can vary so dramatically in scope, we can’t give you a single timeframe. 

For example, site development in the Northeast can take a year alone! That’s before even breaking ground. In places like Texas, that can be done in weeks. 

Form there, building can take anywhere from a few months to over a year for large-scale projects. 

Let’s talk and learn more!

As with timeframes, commercial construction prices vary meaningfully based on size, materials, and site! 

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